Ariana Grande’s Fiery Vogue Interview: Her Shocking Diss on Pete Davidson!


In the world of celebrities, relationships often grab the attention of fans and media alike. One such high-profile romance was between pop sensation Ariana Grande and comedian Pete Davidson. Their whirlwind romance and subsequent engagement in 2018 made headlines, but sadly, the relationship did not stand the test of time. Now, in a recent interview with Vogue, Grande seems to have taken a subtle jab at Davidson. With her candid and honest remarks, the pop star appears to be addressing the highs and lows of their highly-publicized relationship. These comments have sparked speculation and debate among fans, as they try to decipher the meaning behind Grande’s apparent disses. In this article, we delve into Grande’s interview with Vogue, analyzing her statements and exploring the possible reasons behind her subtle digs at Davidson.

What was Ariana Grande’s comment about Pete in Vogue?

In a recent interview with Vogue, Ariana Grande opened up about her whirlwind romance with Pete Davidson. She described their relationship as a delightful and captivating distraction from the realities of life. Despite being an old soul artist with a wealth of experience, Grande admitted to feeling like an infant when it came to navigating real-life situations. She confessed her love for Pete, even though she acknowledged the need to trust herself with the complexities of life.

Ariana Grande spoke candidly in a Vogue interview about her fast-paced romance with Pete Davidson, describing it as a refreshing escape from the complexities of life. Despite her seasoned experience as an artist, Grande admitted to feeling inexperienced when it came to real-life situations, but expressed her love for Davidson and the importance of trusting herself.

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What occurred between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande?

According to a source, the relationship between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande did not receive a fair chance due to the excessive involvement of their management. It is claimed that the constant interference from their respective teams ultimately led to the breakup. Although Grande released the song “Thank U, Next” after their split, it is believed that it was the interference from management that ultimately caused the end of their relationship.

In the world of celebrity relationships, it seems that even love cannot escape the clutches of meddling managers. According to a source, the short-lived romance between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande was not given a fair chance due to excessive interference from their respective management teams. This constant meddling ultimately led to their breakup, overshadowing Grande’s subsequent release of the hit song “Thank U, Next.”

In English, the question is: “On how many occasions has Ariana Grande appeared on the cover of Vogue?”

Ariana Grande has appeared on the cover of Vogue on three occasions. She first graced the cover of Teen Vogue in February 2014, followed by a feature on British Vogue’s July 2018 issue. Finally, she achieved the ultimate milestone by being featured on the cover of the main publication in their August 2019 edition. Ariana’s journey with Vogue showcases her increasing popularity and influence in the fashion industry.

In the world of fashion, Ariana Grande has risen to new heights, appearing on the cover of Vogue three times. Her journey began with Teen Vogue in 2014, followed by British Vogue in 2018, and ultimately achieving the ultimate milestone of the main publication in 2019. This showcases her growing popularity and influence in the fashion industry.

Ariana Grande Throws Shade at Pete Davidson in Candid Vogue Interview

In a recent candid interview with Vogue, pop sensation Ariana Grande didn’t shy away from throwing some subtle shade at her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson. Reflecting on their highly publicized whirlwind romance, Grande hinted at Davidson’s immaturity, stating, “It was frivolous and fun, but it wasn’t meant to last. I’ve learned the importance of emotional maturity and understanding what you truly need in a relationship.” While Grande didn’t explicitly name Davidson, her remarks leave little doubt about who she was referring to.

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Speaking about her past relationship with Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande subtly criticized his immaturity in a recent interview with Vogue. She emphasized the short-lived and superficial nature of their romance, highlighting the importance of emotional maturity and understanding one’s true needs in a relationship. Although she did not mention Davidson by name, her comments made it clear who she was referring to.

Unfiltered Ariana Grande Opens Up About Her Breakup with Pete Davidson in Vogue Tell-All

In a heartfelt, candid interview with Vogue, Ariana Grande bares her soul and discusses the emotional aftermath of her highly publicized breakup with comedian Pete Davidson. With no filters, the pop sensation reveals the toll the split took on her mental health and how she used music as therapy to heal. Grande acknowledges the challenges of moving on while constantly under the scrutiny of the media, but ultimately expresses her gratitude for the growth and self-discovery that came from the painful experience. This raw and honest conversation offers fans a deeper glimpse into the resilient spirit of Ariana Grande.

Recognized for her upbeat pop music, Ariana Grande opens up in a vulnerable interview with Vogue about the emotional aftermath of her breakup with Pete Davidson. She discusses the toll it took on her mental health and how she used music as therapy to heal, all while navigating the constant scrutiny of the media. This candid conversation offers fans a rare glimpse into Grande’s resilient spirit and personal growth.

In conclusion, Ariana Grande’s candid interview with Vogue shed light on her past relationship with Pete Davidson, revealing a complex mix of emotions and experiences. While some may interpret her comments as dissing Davidson, it is important to consider the context in which they were made. Grande’s raw honesty and vulnerability in discussing her personal life reflect her growth as an artist and individual. Ultimately, this interview serves as a reminder that celebrities, like anyone else, navigate the complexities of love and heartbreak. It also highlights the power of self-reflection and growth, even in the face of public scrutiny. As Grande continues to evolve as an artist, her ability to speak her truth and authentically express her experiences will undoubtedly resonate with her fans and inspire others to embrace their own journeys of self-discovery.

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